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Bridal | Occasional | Shoots | 1-1s
Bridal | Occasional | Shoots | 1-1s

"If you feel that you look good, then you do, confidence is everything."

About Praise

Praise was never allowed to wear makeup growing up and would sneak eyeliner to school and put it on. Countless of times, she would get in trouble but that was never a deterrent!

Praise started with going to do all her favourite aunties makeup when they asked, till one day her mum stopped her and told me ‘If she didn’t bring any money back home she should go and stay at their house!’. This was the kick start she needed to pursue her passion and love for all things makeup and beauty into a business. It’s clear her mum saw the talent in her before she saw it in herself.

Over the years, Praise has had the pleasure to work with the most beautiful and inspiring women, men and creatives in around the U.K and has travelled the world. Praise takes pride in making individuals look and feel confident and her motto is
‘In all things, Stay Beautiful’

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